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How do differences in my child's development effect everyday life?

Daily routines are often the first sign that 'something' isn't right. It's the little voice in your head that you hear over and over again. Everyday routines and activities result in meltdowns and tantrums. Let AUsome AUtism Families help you!


  • Your child struggles to wake up and get out of bed. 

  • Getting dressed is a 'nightmare', you child refuses to wear certain clothes, or any clothes at all. 

  • Meals are chaotic, your child is a picky eater, won't use utensils, won't sit down to eat, is a 'grazer'. 

  • Getting in the car or on the bus to go to school is frustrating, your child won't get into or maybe out of the carseat. 

  • Play and family time are limited to a few toys, or throwing and breaking toys.

  • Bath time is dangerous, your child fights getting into the bath or shower, or won't get out when it's time.

  • Bed time is the worst, you child frequently naps during the day, so bed time is not consistent. 

  • He/she wakes up several times during the night, for no apparent reason. 

Concerned about your child's development?
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