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  • Lori Sheerin

Meltdowns and the non-verbal child.

Why does my toddler or non-verbal child have tantrums and meltdowns? It's really rather simple, they don't have the words they need to tell you what is wrong. What to do? Give him the words! This can be done in several ways. Saying the word for him if you think that you know what your child wants or needs. For example, say 'juice, want juice'. Don't expect your child to copy you, this will come later. It's OK! You can also use 'visuals'. These are simply pictures of everyday things that your child typically wants and needs. You can take pictures with your phone or use a picture card. Start with the basics. Eat (a plate of food he likes), drink (favorite cup), play (favorite toy), shoes (go outside or bye bye). You can also use simple sign language. Start with words that will help your child. Eat, drink, more, and all done. Look at the Topics section of for signs that your child may need a developmental evaluation.

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