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The PLAY Project has offered us the training and avenues to move our child forward. The video feedback allows us to revisit training and provides us guidance. It helps strengthen our skills and provide positive feedback. We feel we are not alone in the new world of autism.

—Rich and Amy Suhrheinrich

Our son was shrieking, banging, pounding like he had something that he needed to tell us and there was no way he could tell us . . . With Dr. Solomon’s training program we found we were doing the same things but in a different way, in a way to engage him. The results for us were really wonderful.

–Lisa Gretchko


We started The PLAY Project when our son was almost 3 yrs old and continued up until he was almost 5. With simple moves and techniques, we learned how to connect more with our child, and most importantly, have him want to connect with us. We are still so glad that this is the route that we took with him. It put into place the foundation for him that has enabled him to blossom into a happy, popular, intelligent first grader.

—Melissa from Michigan

It is really helpful to have a consultant who is caring and understanding about our children . . . The PLAY Project has been truly inspiring to our family. When you never know if you are doing enough or all the right things, this plan helps us as parents to ensure that we are doing all and everything we can to help our children. Not only has it helped our son dramatically, it has also helped our family as a whole, our everyday quality of life and all those others who are blessed to have contact with our wonderful son, Dominic.

—Brian and Lorrie Gray

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