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AUsome AUtism Families offers a variety of screenings and evaluations for children Birth-7. These include screenings and evaluations covering all areas of development including: language, social-emotional; play; motor skills; sensory processing; Autism Spectrum Disorder.

If your 3 month old is not:                               

  • using a social smile

  • making eye contact

  • pushing up off the floor

  • hold her hands in a relaxed open position

  • looking at a toy he is holding

  • watching her hands

If your 6 month old is not:

  • copying simple sounds

  • reaching out to a mirror

  • rolling over

  • picking up a small toy

  • putting toys in her mouth

  • putting his feet in his mouth

If your 9 month old is not:

  • saying mama/dada

  • handing you a toy

  • sitting up by herself for several minutes

  • picking up a Cheerio with the tip of his thumb and finger

  • able to find a toy that you hide under a blanket

  • handing you a toy and letting go

If your 12 month old is not:

  • following a simple command ('come here')

  • pointing to what she wants

  • taking several steps with his hands held

  • turning pages in a a book

  • dropping small toys into a container

  • helping to dress himself

If your 15 month old is not:

  • using any words

  • stacking small blocks

  • walking by himself

  • coming to you for help

  • feeding herself with a spoon, she may spill

If your 18 month old is not:

  • using10 or more word​s

  • walking more than crawling

  • stacking 3 or more blocks

  • copying simple lines

  • playing simple pretend with a doll (hugging)

If your 24 month old is not:​

  • naming simple pictures

  • using 'I' or 'me'

  • following simple directions

  • running without falling down

  • stacking 7 or more blocks

  • pretending that objects are something else

  • pretending to feed, rock, change, put to bed a doll or animal

Concerned about your child's development?
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