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Serving your AUsome AUtism Family!

We're so glad that you're here! It is our privilege to have the opportunity to help you child and your family! Here at AUsome AUtism Families, it is our passion that drives us. We are passionate about your child's, your, and your family's success! 

You may ask yourself, 'Does my child really need therapy?'

The answer is quite simple, yes! We guide your child to their ultimate success in the most efficient way possible. Our therapists use the most up-to-date, evidence based, best practices when coaching you and your child towards success. We can easily identify the strengths that you, the parent, already have and use those strengths to optimize the therapy experience for your child.

Whether you know that your child needs therapy or if you are still unsure, contact us! We can help you make that decision. AUsome AUtism Families offers a variety of services to meet the needs of children ages Birth-8 and their families. We also partner with other agencies who specialize in older children. REACH OUT! Help is just a click away! 

Concerned about your child's development?
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